Recliner With Escapist Literature, single channel rear projection, powder coated aluminum, plexi, mylar, 4:00 loop, Installation Richard Telles, 2016

All Inclusive, single channel projection for a large wall, 15:00 loop, private collection, 2015

Doorways, single channel inset television, 65 x 30 inches, 5:20 loop, Installation TrepanierBaer, 2014

Viewer, Object, and Their Respective Holes, four channel rear projection onto 9 x 18 foot structure, 5:35 loop, Installation Hammer Museum Biennial: Made in LA, 2012

Pitch, two channel rear projection onto 8 x 6 foot structure, 4:22 loop, 2011

Impressionablism, single channel video, edition of 10 +AP, 7:00 loop, 2011

Reclining Landscapes, single channel projection, mixed media sculptural components, altered speaker, two shaped plinths, 7:00 loop, Installation Glenbow Museum, 2008

Tyranny, three channel rear projection, false wall, three wooden boxes, mylar and kinetic speaker component, 6:00 loop, Installation Montreal Biennale CIAC, 2007

Diderot’s Indulgent Vistas, single channel video, edition of 15 +AP, 15:00, 2005